Hob Repairs Northampton

When it comes to hob repairs, there’s no better company to call than 0800 Repair Northampton. We’ll be with you as soon as possible wherever you live in Northampton, and our engineers will be equipped with everything needed to carry out expert appliance repairs.

We’re committed to providing effective, affordable and safe hob repairs; this is why all our work is priced competitively and our engineers are Gas Safe registered. We’re also able to offer convenient repairs to anyone living in Northampton.

Hobs can become riddled with all kinds of problems which affect performance, and these include:

  • Ignition not lighting
  • Hob not staying lit
  • Ring not powering up
  • One or more rings not working








Does your Hob Need Repairing?

Fixed Price Labour

0800 737247

We Fix the following Hob Repairs issues:

  • Dead electric ring
  • Faulty Hotplates
  • Gas hob not sparking
  • Hob constantly igniting
  • Hob Element Replacements
And Many More...